Space Patch Corner?

These sites are still under construction and far away from beeing complete.
I will add further patches and section when time becomes ready.

A Corner has specific meaning to me.
Think of a sofa having a corner.
It is a comfortable
place where I can sit or lie and
forget all things around me.
I can dive into my hobby: spaceflight and as a special part
collecting space patches.

Over the years the kind of space patch collecting varies
concerning what I collect.
I started with US mission only patches adding payload and
russion patches and later special and commemorative patches.

But to be honest it grew to cost more and more money and
I had to stop it and proceed with it with a reasonable degree.

Therefore I decided to select specific areas like
- mission flight patches including the known projects
Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle, ISS
- special russian patches          
- special patches like               
          the 5 inch Apollo 17 initial patches

the 5 inch ASTP patches      
the 5 inch STS-3 patches     

(Of course there are some special patches which I do not have.
These would of course be a nice addition to my collection and
under special circumstances I maybe are able to buy them in the future
but some are so expensive and
propably will remain unreachable for me)

About 2 years ago (spring 2004) I had a special look at the STS-1 patch with it's three versions (two flame, three flame and four flame).
I decided to have a look at the first 25 STS missions and ALT to search
for variants and error manufactured patches.
I looked for all differences of the front and the back sides to collect them.
I wish to show all these on this internet site to all interested people.

If you have remarks or wish to tell me of errors please feel free to contact
me at
Furtheron, if someone has informations where to find patches which could help
to enlarge this collection or has patches to sell
please also get in contact with me.

Thanks for looking my internet sites.
Finally I wish all of you a Happy Time while "walking" around.

Harald Kränzel
March 2006